How to Create the Perfect Themed Party on Board a Luxury Charter

on Thursday, 01 October 2015. Posted in Yacht Company News

How to Create the Perfect Themed Party on Board a Luxury Charter

Eating out on holiday at every meal can be a bit of a bore, no matter how excellent the restaurants are, which is why many clients on luxury charter choose to dine on board.

When it comes to upheaving friends and family from the comfort of their own superyacht, for the week at least, to go ashore to eat - or sit back, relax and dine ‘at home’, the latter wins every time.

But guests will still expect the same five-star service as a Michelin restaurant, so to make sure you create a night to remember, we suggest you ‘think themes’.

Guests love to dress up for the occasion, and pay tips accordingly. But how do you plan the perfect themed party?

Here are our top five tips for an unforgettable evening on board a luxury yacht charter.

  1. Plan the evening meticulously. You must leave nothing unturned. A themed-party must follow a simple message so that all guests arrive with confidence and enjoy the whole experience. There is nothing worse than people feeling uncomfortable in their own homes, even if that home from home for the holiday is a luxury superyacht charter.
  2. Keep it simple. Although your theme needs to be unique, it also needs to be easy to organize, and relevant. We suggest you don’t throw an Abba party for a group of young adults who are more au fait with Black M than 1970s groups. Equally, don’t think of asking guests to re-enact Cinderella when there is no realistic possibility of turning the ship’s salon into a ballroom.
  3. Try to find out what the guests like and tailor the menu, and the theme, around what rocks their boat. If the guests’ food of choice is Chinese, then endeavor to conjure up a theme that would fit in with Chinese cuisine.
  4. Use decorations to enhance the theme, and think big. Even the dining area of the largest superyacht will be fairly small compared to most venues onshore so decorating it should not cause too many headaches, especially if you used your imagination.
  5. Work as a team. Yacht crews can derive great satisfaction from organizing a successful party that guests still talk about at the end of the charter, and if the team looks like they are having fun, more often than not the guests will have a blast too.

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