Middle East / Arabia

Luxury Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Yacht Charter in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is lies in a perfect position on the Persian Gulf, surrounded by 200 natural islands and boasts more than 700 kilometers of coastline. Billions of dollars are currently being poured into the city – the capital of the United Arab Emirates – to ensure that the area of outstanding marine beauty is the epicenter of super yacht travel in the Middle East.

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Yacht Charter in Dubai

FOR those of you that have tired of the Med, the Bahamas or even the Caribbean, there’s a new luxury charter destination on the map: The Middle East. The clear blue waters around Dubai are being touted as the next best place to go for unrivalled sailing, luxurious marinas and stunning scenery. And with its all year sunshine and sea-breezes, not to mention first-class shopping, restaurants and nightlife, it’s practically heaven on earth for super yacht visitors.

Luxury Yacht Charter Jordan

Yacht Charter in Jordan

Jordan is predominantly a landlocked country, apart from the very south, which borders the Gulf of Aqaba. This region is very popular with Jordanians, and is also starting to get a name for itself as a centre of excellence for snorkeling and diving. There are also plans a foot to extend the seafront in an ambitious development project called the Ayla Oasis, which will see the waterfront area increase by 17km.

Luxury Yacht Charter Saudi Arabia

Yacht Charter in Saudi Arabia

Sailing has been a popular sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for many years, but the destination is only just beginning to open up as a cruising ground for superyachts. The future bodes well however. With an average summer temperature of 35C-plus, warm water and good winds the conditions are perfect for sailing. Saudi Arabia borders the Persian Gulf, on the east, and the Red Sea, on the west, with the latter’s waters in particular providing ideal sailing territory with some of the best marine wildlife and diving sites in the world.

Luxury Yacht Charter Oman

Yacht Charter in Oman

The United Arab Emirates’ state of Oman is relatively new to luxury yacht charter territory but has a host of wonderful charms and attractions to offer. The capital Muscat is an exciting metropolis with a first class marina whilst it also boasts more than one thousand miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean dotted with remote islands, inland fjords and incredible dive sites.

Luxury Yacht Charter Kuwait

Yacht Charter in Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country located in the north east corner of the Arabian Peninsula. But for such a tiny nation, it has almost 500km of beautiful coastline bordering the Persian Gulf. Kuwait has benefited greatly from its oil reserves, which has made the country particularly prosperous. As a result, its facilities are second to none, and the wonderful climate plus stunning outlying islands make it an ideal undiscovered sailing ground.

Luxury Yacht Charter Bahrain

Yacht Charter in Bahrain

Bahrain is made up of 33 islands which lie like jewels in the crystal waters of the Persian Gulf. A wealthy country due to its lucrative oil industry, the kingdom - which is Arab’s smallest nature – is becoming increasingly popular as a luxury travel destination. Diving in the region is amongst the best in the world, sailing amongst the islands is breathtaking and in April there is the Bahrain Grand Prix.